Seventh Generation Ultra Thin Super Long Pads

Brands: Seventh Generation

Size: 16 Count

Material: A combination of absorbent materials

Unit Count: 12

About this item

  • Whitened without chlorine – no residues from chlorinated hydrocarbons, including dioxin
  • Safer for sensitive skin- free of irritating dyes or fragrances
  • Wheat-based absorbent core allows for extra thin pads
  • Contoured wings for best fit
  • Secure, no-slip adhesive provides security


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Seventh Generation Ultra Thin Super Long Pads

Get the confidence you want without added fragrances and dyes. Seventh Generation Ultra Thin Super Long Pads will give you just what you need without exposing your most sensitive skin to unnecessary chemicals. Our Purefit pads are chlorine-free. Also, this Purefit design offers an enhanced fit, safely trapping fluid away from the skin to keep you dry, for reliable, leak-free protection and comfort. That’s why your choice of our chlorine-free products helps reduce the amount of dioxin polluting our air, water, and soil that helps make the world a safer, healthier place for your family and generations to come. Unlike most pads and pantiliners use absorbent fibers that have been using chlorine-containing substances to make their product whiter which creates dangerous toxins, like dioxin.

Studies have shown a direct link between dioxin exposure in the environment and cancer, birth defects, and reproductive disorders. The absorbent fibers in Seventh Generation pads and pantiliners are chlorine-free. We also use a natural absorbent material derived from wheat. If you choose this product, then you’ve made a healthy choice for your body! However, the removable peel strip is whitened with a chlorine-containing substance. We’re working to eliminate this exception so the entire product will be chlorine-free.


A combination of absorbent materials, polyolefins, adhesives, and paper with a silicone coat. The top layer is a non-woven polyolefin cover sheet. The absorbent materials consist of TCF (totally chlorine-free) wood pulp, TCF (totally chlorine-free) airlaid fabric, and Lysorb, an absorbent gel. Lysorb, also known as SNAP (super absorbent natural polymer), is a polysaccharide from wheat. Polysaccharides are complex sugars found in many natural substances, like the fibers of cotton, wood, and wheat.


Disposing of pads and packaging please don”t flush used pads or pantiliners; they can damage sewage and septic systems. Wrap the pads or liner and throw it away.


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