Pacific Shaving Company Ps Natural Shaving Oil (1X0.5 OZ)


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Why shaving oil? Do you know what makes shaving creams and gels foamy on your skin? Aeration. Ever make whipped cream? Shaving creams lather and lather is just air. When more air gets trapped, less lubrication actually touches your face. Does that help explain some of the mysterious nicks and razor burn you keep getting? All Natural Shaving OilTM is unlike any shaving experience you’ve ever had. It offers a consistently smooth shave and practically eliminates nicks and razor burn. It also leaves your face feeling conditioned and moisturized-not oily. Plus, there is no mess to clean up when finished – no bit of foam left on your towel or behind your ear to be discovered in the car on the way to work. You simply use it instead of shaving cream. All you need is 6-8 drops for a softer, smoother shave. So while our 1/2 oz. bottle may look small, it will last up to 100 shaves – and take up a fraction of the space. Perfect for travelers!


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